The slippery slope of a ‘quick fix’

We live in a world that demands instant gratification; in line with this, there is now a weight loss jab set to hit UK Pharmacy shelves this year. The jab, Wegovy, works by suppressing appetite by mimicking the hormone GLP-1, making the patient feel fuller and less hungry, causing them to eat less. While this […]

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Eating Disorders in Film

The problem with superficial dramatisations of mental illness CW: Eating disorders Mental illness is notably challenging to portray in film. Depicting the long and painful struggle of such an illness is almost impossible to fit within the time frame of a (give-or-take) 3-hour film. As a result, films choose to dramatise and simplify their portrayals, […]


Scots suffering from eating disorders need more support

TW: eating disorders According to Dr Stephen Anderson, Chairman of the Eating Disorders Faculty of Psychiatrists in Scotland, “eating disorders are the deadliest and most lethal of mental health conditions.” Current services for treatment and support in Scotland are unequal across the country and are underfunded.  Maddy Wallace, a student reading Medicine at The University […]


The Lifestyle guide to uncomfortable conversations

CW: suicide, racism When was the last time you saw the effects of white privilege first-hand? Or noticed you were being treated in a certain way due to your gender? Acknowledging issues of inequality can be uncomfortable and is often left unaddressed due to stigma. This mentality has been commonplace in past years, but 2020 […]


Eat, F*ck, Love: An Interview with the Panel

Content warning: Discussion of eating disorders and strong language. For Friday, March 15, WellComm at King’s and Sexpression Edinburgh have teamed up to host a panel they called Eat, Fuck, Love. The event is a safe space to talk about eating disorders and the impact they have on relationships. The Student got the opportunity to […]

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The Student interviews mental health campaigner Hope Virgo

Content Warning: eating disorders, depression, anxiety  I sat down with mental health campaigner Hope Virgo, the keynote speaker for the University of Edinburgh’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Week and discussed both her struggle with, and recovery from, anorexia. We discussed how this inspired her to campaign to change the way in which eating disorders are […]

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As Overshadowed opens, the chilling sound of hospital monitors beeping is one that immediately stirs feelings of dread in those who know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder. As Imogene stands centre-stage, staring wide-eyed up to the audience, her fragile state prepares us for the story she is about to tell. Throughout her […]