Why are we still using plastic?

Plastic seems to be the big issue of 2018. With supermarkets charging for plastic bags and calls for reduced plastic use in food packaging, it appears that the biggest changes can be made by supermarkets and industries. But what damage is all this plastic doing to our ecosystems and how can we as consumers make […]

Environment Science

Scientists search for solutions to toxin build-up in sharks

If animal cruelty isn’t enough of a reason not to eat sharks, then I think this might do the trick. Sharks, as their appearance suggests, are apex predators: they eat other animals. Other animals that have been eating other organisms. All of whom have picked up some level of toxins on their quest for survival. […]


Prof. Murray Roberts talks on the deep seas

When was the last time you thought about the deep sea, that mysterious place we know less about than the surface of the moon? Despite being surrounded by it on all sides, many of us take little time to think about the destruction being wrought on this often overlooked ecosystem. Personally, it was only upon […]