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Two-Pound Tuesdays at the Edinburgh Filmhouse!

This article was originally submitted on the 5th April Calling all film fanatic students! Living in Edinburgh, a fantastic cultural centre, we have a great selection of cinemas to get our latest dose of Marvel, arthouse, foreign and many more. However, we do have budgets to live off and sometimes going to the cinema can […]

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Members Only: A Guide to Cinema Membership in Edinburgh

Going to the cinema is back in style! Whether you’re going with a group of mates, a hot date, or in your own company, there’s nothing like seeing a film on the big screen. If you’re looking to save on your silver screen outings, here’s a breakdown of the membership deals in central Edinburgh cinemas.   […]


A Summer of Cinema

Although the summer is synonymous with the next round of blockbusters, now itself inextricable from the superhero genre, this is never fully the case. This summer, just like any other, there were multitudes of movies released from all genres. What follows is a record of what happened inside Edinburgh’s cinemas since our last issue, niftily arranged […]