Edinburgh Fringe warns of urgent threat posed by crackdown on short-term lets

In a statement on Friday 28 October, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society warned of the risk the city’s new short-term let policy poses to Fringe performers. The criticism comes after a mass feedback drive of artists in the wake of the 2022 Fringe.   Scotland’s first short-term let control area came into effect in Edinburgh in […]

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Fringe Reflections

Flyers are pushed into my hand as I weave in and out of the crowds on the Royal Mile, dodging children stunned by magicians’ tricks, a juggler miraculously keeping five swords in the air, a man dressed up as a Victorian dame, and a musician playing their guitar upside down. It’s all hustle, and bustle, […]

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Fringe 2022: Beautiful Nothing Review

Em Oliver’s Beautiful Nothing is a play that will stay with you long after you step out of the theatre. The play starring Bhav Amar and directed by Charlie Barnett brings the audience into the life of movie star, Anya. From the outset, the play seems to be a predictable overdone story in which a […]

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Fringe 2022: Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music Review

Featuring the music of Brahms, Robert Schumann and of course, the undeniably talented Clara Schumann, Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music tells the story of the often-forgotten nineteenth-century German virtuoso pianist Clara Schumann. Using her own musical talent, comedy, and the atmosphere of the pianodrome, Elena Mazzon created an exceptional performance as Clara. Mazzon takes […]

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Fringe 2022: Christian Brighty: Playboy Review

As a sweaty Lord Christian Brighty stumbles into the room, wide-eyed and hot from having just had an encounter with Naughty Susan, he stares at the audience and promptly proclaims that we are all ugly. Recounting a dubious back story involving chastity belts, a mysterious deformity and copious family wealth, Lord Brighty, a certified Playboy, […]

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Fringe 2022: Dear Little Loz Review

It is amazing how Lauren-Nicole Mayes and Izzy Parriss Productions have created one of the best shows at Edinburgh Fringe using only two items: a stage block and a digestive biscuit. Dear Little Loz is a true example of how a one-woman show at Fringe should be executed.  Dear Little Loz is a semi-autobiographical play starring Lauren Nicole […]

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Two-Pound Tuesdays at the Edinburgh Filmhouse!

This article was originally submitted on the 5th April Calling all film fanatic students! Living in Edinburgh, a fantastic cultural centre, we have a great selection of cinemas to get our latest dose of Marvel, arthouse, foreign and many more. However, we do have budgets to live off and sometimes going to the cinema can […]

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From India to Triana review

A perfect blend of Indian and flamenco, From India to Triana is an exploration of dance and music styles from the different cultures.  Produced and staged by home-grown company, The Rootless Company, the show is a unique blend, the crowd able to appreciate various dance forms from the Indian and Romani culture within only an […]