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Review: Bloody Difficult Women

The piece is not afraid to highlight how politicians often refuse to go against the grain, or to refuse to do what is right for the greater good, because of a fear of losing control. Bloody Difficult Women is a must watch show.

Comedy Fringe Music

Alex MacKeith: Thanks for Listening Review

Armed with a middle-class white man’s “primary form of communication”, the humble acoustic guitar, and fuelled by an ample supply of off-beat anxieties and fictitious anecdotes, Alex MacKeith: Thank you for Listening is an impressive solo Fringe debut from the winner of the 2020 Musical Comedy UK Awards.


The Community and the Capitalist: Corporate Pride and Trying to Keep Protest Alive 

My first pride experience was here in Edinburgh this June. Having recently immersed myself into queer culture I was beyond thrilled to have my first Pride in the place I love the most as an out-and-out queer woman. Walking towards Bristo Square on the 25th, the feeling of community trembled through the streets, each footstep […]

Culture Theatre

Review: Orphans

Orphans is poignant and provocative. This musical is about four siblings (Sheila, John, Thomas and Michael) who have just lost their mother. It is the night before the funeral, and they are saying goodbye to the body when they decide to go to the pub. At the pub, everything seems to disintegrate; a fight breaks […]

Culture feature Film

New Cinema Opens at St. James Quarter

Several years ago, I was employed (as a counsellor, videographer, and shit-eater) at one of those overpriced children’s summer camps in the continental United States. On one of my few days off, I cycled along a motorway for a good two hours to come to what I assumed would be a typical suburban multiplex. On […]

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Two-Pound Tuesdays at the Edinburgh Filmhouse!

This article was originally submitted on the 5th April Calling all film fanatic students! Living in Edinburgh, a fantastic cultural centre, we have a great selection of cinemas to get our latest dose of Marvel, arthouse, foreign and many more. However, we do have budgets to live off and sometimes going to the cinema can […]

Culture Film Reviews

Review: Paris, 13th District

This article was originally submitted on the 27th March During a single short scene of Paris, 13th District, Jacques Audiard’s extraordinary exploration of digital-age love and lust (not usually in that order), the colour palette changes from its usual monochrome to full-scale colour. The transition is shocking, and not simply because of the Wizard of […]


Scottish Government to research impact of abortion clinic protests 

This article was originally submitted on the 14th March The Scottish Government will commission research on the impact of abortion clinic protests, focusing on  the frequency, scale and impact on patients.  This comes after the Government stated in November 2021 that they did not consider it appropriate to  introduce nationwide ‘buffer zone’ legislation, which would […]