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Edinburgh’s Fight for the Night Rally in photos

The rally took place on 2 April and culminated in Grassmarket for speeches and cheering. The marchers walked through a bit of rain with soon cleared when they arrived at Grassmarket.  Sexpression spoke about the importance of intersectionality. Intersectionality was a major point of the rally, especially trans and sex worker inclusion. Other rallies around […]


Hozier – Wasteland, Baby! Album review

Hozier’s second album Wasteland, Baby! comes after a long hiatus from his self-titled first, Hozier. His fans have grown a lot since then, but this album almost feels as though Hozier has regressed. There’s something lacking from this album that was so apparent in his other, from its soft melodies to the ones you belt […]


Brexit Predictions: deal or no deal, what’s going to happen?

Brexit is a “terrifying game of chicken” as the deadline nears By Harry Caine At the time of writing, the country is weeks away from leaving the European Union without a deal. The pressure is on to resolve this self-inflicted problem in the least damaging way possible. It is well and truly the beginning of […]