In Conversation with Disabled Students’ Liberation Officer: Ellen Blunsdon

How are you feeling this morning? Really good. I had a rough start to the week, but I am feeling rested. I have exciting things going on for today. I was in the first stages for a lot of projects for a while, but now we are at the point where these projects are confirmed […]


Incoming Disabled Students’ Liberation Officer: Ellen Blunsdon

Ellen Blundson is the newly elected and incoming Disabled Students’ Officer for 2019-2020. The Student was able to discuss her ideas for the upcoming year with her. The conversation started with an overview of her plans for the year ahead. Ellen’s manifesto included seven major points and she said that she had started campaigning on […]


Why Stacey Dooley represents the best of investigative journalism

Content warning: sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence. TV Presenter Stacey Dooley is perhaps the most engaging female investigative journalist working in Britain today. Bursting onto screens in 2009 as a participant in Blood, Sweat and T-shirts, a series that followed six fast-fashion consumers as they faced the realities of high-street manufacturing in an Indian […]