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Literature Lockdown Challenge: “It Must Be Nearly Finished!” Are We Living In A Beckett Play?

“Yesterday! What does that mean? Yesterday!”–”That means that bloody awful day, long ago, before this bloody awful day.” Endgame is a play about passing time. Unlike its prequel, Waiting For Godot, there is no person or event to wait for, except it all ending at some point. The characters talk at length about their death, […]


Sorry Marvel – unlike Thanos, your power is finite

Following the success of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home (FFH), Marvel were incredibly secretive about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Union. What could follow the cinematic event of Endgame, and its epilogue in FFH? The answer, much like Age of Ultron to Avengers Assemble, could only be underwhelming. The announcement of Black […]

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Image courtesy of Phoebe Campbell-Harris. Endgame Bedlam Theatre Run Ended Not everyone enjoys Beckett, and for a student theatre group to put on a play like Endgame is always ambitious. The comic success of Beckett’s dark humour very much comes down to the way the script is performed. The production, by the Edinburgh University Theatre […]