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Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars: a new decade of exploration

In some rare but welcome positive news, the new rover Perseverance (a.k.a. Percy) safely landed on Mars on February 18 at 20:55 UTC. The rover is equipped with seven cameras uniquely tasked with filming its entry, descent and landing, which allowed NASA to collect over 30 gigabytes of information and more than 23,000 images. If […]

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All aboard the HYPED train: the future of Hyperloop in Europe

Great man theories of science imagine innovation as something that happens mostly because of a few incredible people. This is true to the extent that it is difficult to imagine a classroom where relativity is taught, and Albert Einstein is not brought up as the mastermind behind the discovery. In reality, many talented innovators often […]


Reviving an oasis

Can Afghanistan and Iran work together to reverse an ecological catastrophe, and re-engineer a dead oasis? The Hamon oasis sits on the Iran-Afghanistan border in the Sistan region, near the Helmand river. The region was previously a roughly 2000-square-kilometer wetland, surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of dry, arid desert – a true oasis. For thousands […]

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Where is the ‘W’ in STEM?

It’s 1995. Six years after the fall of communism in Poland, my mum is starting university at the Warsaw University of Technology. She is one of five women in a class of approximately one hundred, a sadly typical reality for women pursuing degrees in mechanical engineering. The numbers have risen since then, but they’re still […]