Bloody your pants — it’s time to fight

Ladies, ladies, the planet around us is dying. It’s time to do something. We all banded together to stop using plastic straws (even if the paper ones do get a bit soggy in our mojitos) and since our switch, the turtles have completely stopped dying. We need to do the same but this time for […]


‘Overtourism’: sustainable tourism for modern day travellers

Today we live in a world obsessed with the idea of travel and exploration. Our social media feeds are constantly reminding us of the wonders of the world we need to see and our bucket lists seem to become never-ending. Globetrotting promises to fix many of our problems. It provides a time to switch off, […]

Environment Science

Purple bacteria may be the key to sustainable waste management

When we speak about waste management, we mainly mean recycling waste such as paper or plastic and glass. In fact, many other things can be recycled, including wastewater. Current treatment is mainly about processing wastewater with the purpose of returning it into the environment and disposing of produced sewage sludge. The latter becomes biosolids and is […]


God cannot save us now

This past month, United States Republican Senator James Inhofe brought a snowball into the chamber floor, where he proceeded to throw it across the room as evidence that climate change does not exist. He suggested that, since it was cold enough for there to be snow just outside the chamber hall during the month of […]