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ESEA heritage month: an interview with Racism Unmasked

Noushka Summerfield talks to Allie De Lay, co-founder of Racism Unmasked, about celebrating ESEA creatives in their new art show. Can you tell us a little about Racism Unmasked, how it was founded and its goals? My friend Feiya Hu and I co-founded it together after a hate crime was committed on our university campus […]

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The Godfather of Dansaekhwa: Whanki Kim

Dansaekwha (the Korean word for monochrome) would not have been prevalent in Korea during the early 70s if it were not for one pioneer painter: Whanki Kim. Born into a wealthy farming family in the South Jeolla Province, he went against his father’s wishes by secretly travelling to Japan and learning art at Nihon University. […]