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What should we be doing with our time during the ongoing strikes?

Whether you’re in full support of the lecturers’ strike or you are secretly thinking “how could you do this to me right before assignment season”, the impending industrial action doesn’t have to mean the be all and end all of academic success. Disruptions to class timetables are not an excuse to do nothing. In fact with less […]


False impressions of originality: an original take on being original

You probably hear people complaining a lot that there are no original ideas anymore. Nothing seems new. Hence why Hollywood is inundated with sequels and we still attend the same old music festivals using the same old promotional techniques. To come up with a tangible ‘thing’ that is really new may well be an impossibility. […]


Students should be afforded more support when writing essays

Writing essays: one of the greatest struggles students face throughout the whole university experience. It would seem that this issue, due to its common recurrence, should be dealt with better by the university since students still experience an immense amount of stress during the whole process of essay writing. One of the obvious reasons is […]