A New Tribe: can global consumerism be ethical?

Independent brand, ‘A New Tribe’, launched in 2016 in East London, stocking a variety of interior crafts from independent designers across the world. Shops like this play into the new desire for an ‘ethical’ consumerist culture, popularised by Instagram-born brands such as Grace Beverley’s Tala. But can global consumerism be truly ethical? Immediately evident from […]

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The growing popularity of ethical veganism

Ethical veganism has become a philosophical belief, allowing it to fall under the Equality Act and potentially offering vegans better protection against discrimination in future. Veganism has always been embroiled with a damaging rhetoric that endorses stereotypes; ethical veganism avoids all products that involve animals, whereas dietary vegans focus solely upon avoiding animal food products. […]


The vegan sausage roll symbolises qualified progress for food production

On  16 February Greggs reported a 10 per cent overall rise in sales, which was mostly due to the popularity of the vegan sausage roll. The quorn-based pastry was an instant hit; hundreds of thousands were sold in the first week. Then again, it is hardly surprising considering the vegan sausage roll was the direct result […]