How to cope with failure: unpacking success at University

It seems sometimes that the fear of failure inflicts more distress than failure itself. Out of the many emotions students may feel on a daily or weekly basis, there seems no bigger dread than failure. We reside within a culture that seems to have an invisible cloak of shame when it comes to things not […]


100,000 dead at the hands of the butcher

Johnson and his inept cabinet let your loved ones die, remember that when you hear his hollow apology: The UK has now passed a tragic covid-19 milestone: 100,000 total deaths. That is more British civilians than died in both world wars combined. It is also the highest death toll in Europe, and one of the […]

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Reflecting on New Year’s Resolutions: Successes and Failures

The beginning of January 2019 – just as in 2018, 2017, 2016 and so on – was punctuated by friends and family all stating their New Year’s Resolutions and self-improvements that were to come throughout the year. The resolutions made were old classics: loose weight, exercise more, work harder, try to be a better person. […]