To label or not to label- the case for animal welfare food labels

Did you know that in the UK, hen eggs are the only animal produce legally required to specify the animal welfare conditions on the food packaging? Or that the only meat which must declare country origin is beef? Or that an estimated 70% of UK farm animals are kept in intensive conditions? These facts matter […]


Students vote against motion to assess feasibility of banning beef sales on campus

Students at the University of Edinburgh have voted against a motion titled ‘Cease the sale of beef from Student’s Association cafés and restaurants.’ The motion, which had a small majority of 51 per cent in a council meeting on Thursday 30th January, lost when put to an online student ballot the following week. Nearly 6,000 […]



Adewale Akinnuoye-Abaje has produced a film that has the potential to be devastatingly brilliant. Yet Farming’s inconsistency disappointingly renders it nothing more than mediocre. Akinnuoye-Abaje attempts to tell the story of his traumatic childhood, wherein he found himself adopted by a working class white family in England whilst his parents continued to work in Nigeria. […]