Anti-choice protestors: an abhorrent societal plague

This week, Back Off Scotland, a group campaigning for the implementation of 150-metre buffer zones around clinics providing abortion services, launched their first nation-wide petition. It comes as 40 Days For Life, a Texas-founded pro-life (or more fittingly, anti-choice) group, begins their first set of 40-day protests this year for Lent. For those of us […]


Goodbye tampon tax, hello female empowerment

Whilst 2021 hasn’t been exactly what we were hoping for so far, it’s not all doom and gloom. As of January 1 2021, the tampon tax in the UK was officially abolished – that’s right, women are no longer being taxed for being women! It really is the little things (I guess).  Perhaps it seems […]

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Top progressive moments this week

2019 marked some tremendous developments in women’s equality all over the world with women in Saudi Arabia gaining the right to drive, and women in India entering a male only temple in protest to their segregation. Here’s a look at our top picks of progressive achievements from the last year to inspire us to fight […]