University of Edinburgh Feminist Society launches new interview series: ‘Is this what a feminist sounds like?’

The University of Edinburgh Feminist Society (FemSoc) have launched a series of blog posts on the theme ‘Is this what a feminist sounds like?’.  The series involves interviewing women from a range of professions and backgrounds, in order to explore and challenge traditional views of feminism. The series began in November 2021 and will continue […]


Succession Series 3

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ In the explosive final moments of Succession’s second series, Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) accused his billionaire CEO father Logan (Brian Cox) of complicity in numerous sexual abuse cover-ups within his media corporation, Waystar Royco. For two years, fans have waited to see how this act of insurrection would shake out amongst the Roys—an […]

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“¡El violador eres TU!”

Sofia Cotrona reflects on the power of the viral feminist transnational performance A Rapist on Your Path. CW: rape, gender-based violence November 2019, led by the Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis, a mass of cis women, transgender women, and non-binary people poured into the streets of Santiago during the International Day against Gender Violence. Dressed […]

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Why do girls always have to make the first move?

Instagram stories right now are filled with people sharing posts about the boycott, stories surrounding the spikings, precaution measures, and resource lists. The most common Instagram account circulating is @girlsnightinedinburgh, who have engineered the boycott on the 28th. This group is founded and created by a group of girls, with one of their most popular […]

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The feminist importance of “girl-talk”

I know what you’re thinking: the term ‘girl talk’ reeks of uncomfortable, pre-adolescent years where your clothes didn’t fit you from one day to the other and you ruined one too many pairs of jeans when it was “that time of the month.” However, girl talk has an undeserved bad-rep. Throughout history, conversation between women […]

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On Motherhood and Art

The representation of motherhood has a long-standing tradition: as Madonna cradles the infant Jesus and matronly figures stare sternly into the mid-distance. However, art history and the art world hold witness to far fewer examples of artists who are mothers themselves. The demands of motherhood have often been considered incompatible with an artist’s career. In […]

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Female legends: the revolutionaries of Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood is so often associated with glamour, beauty, gossip, drama and scandals. A quick google search shows a myriad of titles with “the most glamorous” or “the most beautiful” when referring to women of the period. Although the first wave of feminism within film has been stated by professor of film, Martha M. Lauzen, […]


Women in Music: A celebration of greatness and call for respect

The Scottish Feminist Collective, a foundation created in September by feminist societies in universities across Scotland, have recently fronted an empowering campaign celebrating and supporting women in the music industry. It is unfortunately no secret that the music industry is a largely male-dominated environment in which people of marginalised groups face many hurdles when attempting […]