Fringe Theatre

‘Poignant, ambitious and experimental’: Fish review

An adaptation of legendary Taiwanese writer Huang Chunming’s short story, Fish is a simple yet profound tale tackling masculinity, familial love and social mobility. Taiwan’s Shinehouse Theatre’s production further impresses by seamlessly integrating British Sign Language and by having the lead character, a young boy named Acha, as a puppet – whose masterful manipulation exaggerates […]


An in depth look at one of nature’s deepest lurkers: the gulper eel

Gulper eels  (Eurypharynx pelecanoides) are fascinating creatures,  found in the depths of temperate and tropical oceans around the globe at depths from 500 m to 7,625 m. The gulper eel was first named in 1882.  Leon Valliant, a French zoologist, describes its discovery off the coast of Morocco during the Travailleur expedition.  On this expedition, […]