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Fringe 2023: The Willow Trio

At this unfortunately quiet venue, being a little ways from the centre, was a sense of stunning serenity and musical triumph from the trio of composers and harpists Sam MacAdam,…

It’s Folk Season: Noah Kahan’s Stick Season Review

If anyone is in the market for a new favourite autumnal album, look no further than Noah Kahan’s third studio album ‘Stick Season.’ Named for the time of year in…

Live Review: Kris Drever intimately tells everyday stories to a transfixed crowd at La Belle Angele

The most striking thing about entering La Belle Angele is silence. Venue staff stretch towards you as much as possible across the bartop, lest they disturb anyone nearby. This comes…

Guid Crack Storytelling Session

Walking into Guid Crack would fill anyone with an immensely warming feeling. Another instalment in a series of storytelling events, tonight we sit upstairs in Edinburgh’s Waverley Bar, as stories of…

The List Presents: The Pleasance Sessions

It is quite unusual [...] to be in a setting where the audience is paying such rabbid attention to the goings on onstage.