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‘Deeply ambitious’ ‒ The Queen of Spades review

Not half a rap into knocking on the door of an unassuming Marchmont flat is it swung open to reveal the white-faced, monocled Tomsky (Isabella Foreshaw) who exuberantly welcomes us to the masquerade at the St Petersburg estate. After being swiftly ushered in, anonymised and introduced to our fellow masked guests and the estate’s residents, […]


Throwback: Sons of Anarchy

At a first glance, the plot of Sons of Anarchy may appear to be about nothing more than the deserved downfall of a bunch of anarchist bearded misogynists who ride around on motorcycles.  However, Sons of Anarchy is neither an endorsement of mindless mayhem and hypermasculinity, nor a simplistic morality tale; believe it or not, […]