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Fulfilment Review

Fulfilment is a theatre piece aiming to reveal the faces behind the smiling orange logo of Amazon next day delivery. It aims high in its vilification of Amazon warehouse conditions and the human obsession with convenience, but it fails to strike with the poignancy that it could. The ideas are interesting but the execution lacks […]

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‘Graceful and intelligent’: Baby, What Blessings review

Baby, What Blessings is a well-crafted piece of theatre, untangling a complex relationship between a white woman, Billie, and a black man, Amal. Billie is the lone narrator of this story, inviting us into her fragile mind as she navigates power, politics, race and mental health, drowning in her youthful naivety. These sweeping issues come […]

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Everything I Do Review

Everything I Do is a captivatingly ambiguous live concept album, performed solo by Zoe Ní Riordáin, featuring songs from her original album. This is an eccentric and unique performance; the only thing that outshines Ní Riordáin’s sheer musical talent is her boundless imagination and creativity.  This musical performance is an honest exploration of the oscillating […]


Varying fees across subjects is not the way to fix higher education

The average UK graduate student will leave university buried under the weight of £50,800 in student debt. This tremendously high figure is unfortunately made even more daunting by its relentless tendency to increase each year, as students move closer to facing the cost of their university education. In March 2018, the value of outstanding tuition […]