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What can Frankenstein teach us about bad science?

A scientific consensus
is only worth
acknowledging when it
follows a scientific
method, so failing to
replicate or reproduce
data could permanently
damage the authority of


The spooky evolution of the Halloween costume

Every Halloween, hordes of people flood the streets in fancy dress to celebrate the festival of All Hallow’s Eve. Or, more likely, as an excuse to dress up in weird and wonderful costumes. Today, anything goes if you add a little fake blood to it – but how did this tradition come to be and […]


The Horror! It’s Universal Studios!

“The story of the strangest passion that the world has ever known.” This line from the poster for 1931’s Dracula aptly describes the entire archive of the commonly called ‘Universal Monsters,’ the 1920-50s films that planted the seeds of the horror genre. And the credit lies definitively at the feet of one film studio which […]

Culture Theatre


Image courtesy of Erica Belton. Frankenstein Bedlam Theatre Run Ended Frankenstein is a difficult text to dramatise. From the crucial intricacy of the novel’s structure, to the use of first-person narration evoking the necessary sympathy for the monster, it is a challenge. Bedlam’s recent production of the novel was partly successful, but was severely lacking […]


Is it time for Frankenstein’s Monster to stay dead?

There are few more instantly recognisable figures in Hollywood than Frankenstein’s Creature. It is undoubtedly the ultimate movie monster and it is hard to think of world in which Mary Shelley’s “hideous progeny” has never haunted the mind of at least one hapless individual. As such, everyone will have one defining of image of The […]