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Review: Paris, 13th District

This article was originally submitted on the 27th March During a single short scene of Paris, 13th District, Jacques Audiard’s extraordinary exploration of digital-age love and lust (not usually in that order), the colour palette changes from its usual monochrome to full-scale colour. The transition is shocking, and not simply because of the Wizard of […]

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Review: Happening

Glasgow Film Festival Exclusive Amid a recent slew of women-directed abortion dramas including the likes of Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Unpregnant, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Happening, Audrey Diwan’s Golden Lion-winner, which has just had its UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival, stands out as a uniquely scarring experience. Like those other […]

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No fuss fliptastic pancakes: crêpes over après ski

From the satisfaction of getting that first ‘flip’ right to unbuttoning your trousers post consumption of a delicious stack, what is not to love about pancakes? If it was good enough for our prehistoric ancestors, it is good enough for us. Discovered in the stomach of late Otzi the Iceman by archaeologists, the humble pancake […]

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Cuties- Review

Rating: 5 out 5. Before watching Cuties, I had, for better or for worse, acquired an idea of the controversy surrounding it. Summaries and reviews of the French film, using terms such as ‘child exploitation’ and ‘abuse’, started to mount from the moment of the film’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival. Some viewers have […]

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La Barantine Victoria Review

For many, the words ‘French café’ conjure up a romantic tableau of a quintessential Parisian scene; possibly the Eiffel tower made out of baguettes, baskets laden with buttery pastries and the smell of rich coffee coupled with the noise of chatter and clinking spoons. Head down to Victoria street, arguably one of Edinburgh’s most iconic cobbled crescents, […]


What is the role of the modern-day language academy?

English, like all languages, is a mismatch of words, grammar systems and spellings from many related tongues; including Old High German, Old Norse, French, Latin and Greek. But the fascinating thing about languages is that it is always in a state of flux, and this change is predominantly led by speakers themselves. As speakers adapt […]

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The joy of the Fringe is that if you turn enough corners, past enough comedy stand up acts and musicals, you will stumble across something truly life changing. It can be something so small and low key, yet its impact truly transcends its scale. Evocation is one of those shows. Evocation outshines the competition with […]