How To Survive Fresher’s Flu Season

Lectures interrupted by a continuous string of raspy coughs; Sainsbury’s shelves decimated of Lem-Sip. That slight sniffle, and tickle in the back of your throat; the dreaded “Fresher’s Flu” season is finally upon us. Whilst getting ill during this time seems almost inevitable, a few simple (and cheap) adjustments can help your body navigate the tapestry of germs it fights each time you step […]


Freshers’ flu back with a vengeance

Many students returning to the University of Edinburgh over the last few weeks have been reporting flu-like symptoms such as coughs, colds and fatigue. Although there have been 46 covid-19 cases reported amongst staff and students at the university since the start of the semester, many other students have tested negative for the virus, suggesting […]


I hate clubbing. There, I said it

Sticky floors, everyone crammed into a tight dance floor, dancing awkwardly to barely understandable and overbearingly loud music. Your friends are leaving you to jump up and down with a couple of Welsh tourist boys they met 5 minutes ago. The unavoidable sickness afterwards from too much tequila or the spread of freshers flu. Whenever […]