We Are The Champions

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5 stars ‘There is no tradition more powerful than cheese’, begins the narrator, as he introduces us to the ‘ancient ceremony’ that is cheese-racing. Cut to men colliding and tumbling down a steep, muddy slope, chasing madly after a rolling cheese. A woman tells a crowd behind a fence that […]


A happy headline to quell hectic days

You know what they say -a happy headline a day keeps your mind at bay! Neither do I know who “they” are nor if anyone says this, but it does rhyme and that’s enough for me. Looking for a bit of light relief from the ever-flowing stream of babble? Well, look no further. Take a […]


The Festival of Creative Learning: what actually happens at the University of Edinburgh?

The Festival of Creative Learning, or as it has been known in the past: ‘Innovative Learning Week,’ is quickly approaching, leaving many students scrambling together plans for a mini holiday without realizing what they will miss out on campus. Running from 18-22 February the festival is an “a year-long series of events exploring creative learning and […]