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Review: Uncharted

If you asked me to pick someone to play a wisecracking, athletic, slightly-buff video game character, Tom Holland wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of my list. When I heard that he had been cast as wisecracking, athletic, slightly-buff video game guy Nathan Drake I was a little surprised. After the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man […]

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The Isolation Series: six ways to make the most of slowing down

Changing the life pattern we’re used to might be hard, but staying home could bring its own hidden gems. I have always been a person who could not get how it’s possible to be bored at home: there are so many things you can do! So here are my top favorite home activities I have […]

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The New Year Slump – don’t let it getchya

The post-Christmas/New Year lull can feel disheartening. The now wilted crown from your Christmas cracker has seen better days and no amount of cranberry sauce can recreate the taste of your Christmas dinner. It can feel deflating to think about the looming anticipation of a new wave of deadlines and 9AMs. Not to fear, there are […]


Sports you can play in your house

Your house is your castle. Why bother leaving your flat if you can have this much fun inside? The Floor is Lava We all remember this absolute classic from our childhood. If not, let us enlighten you. The game has one sole premise: the floor is lava. If any part of your body touches the […]

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Fallout 4 Review: Some things never change

Fallout 4 is a huge game. It is nigh on impossible to really sum it up in one small article, but its scale is one of the game’s strongest selling  points. The world of Fallout 4 is so vast, so detailed, and so engaging that it swallows up your time like a newborn baby, and […]