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Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies

Fuelled by cocaine, comedy and a Charli XCX soundtrack, Bodies Bodies Bodies makes an unlikely slasher. As a strange trail of mystery killings unravels one by one at a “hurricane party” in a mansion, a friendship group must figure out who is the murderer before they are next. In its remote, American environment, it feels […]


Olivia Rodrigo debuts Sour

★★★★ Olivia Rodrigo’s album ‘Sour’ is one of the best things to have happened to young people this year. A year that saw them locked into a cage of their own pubescent monkey-minds with “online” school and toxic social media as their main line of communication.  Rodrigo is the youngest female singer to top the […]

Art Culture

Louise Giblin at Edinburgh Art Fair 2019

Lulu Spence talks with Louise Giblin about her piece ‘Sea Change’, presented at last weekend’s Edinburgh Art Fair. There was a huge array of incredible artwork on display at Edinburgh Art Fair 2019, but Louise Giblin’s stunning body sculptures caught my eye more than the rest, and the meaning behind one piece resonated with me. […]