Last Christmas

Everyone who was present and correct on the internet around 2013 will remember the short stories that would circulate the web, articulating the very specific moments in the relationships of an anonymous ‘boy’ and ‘girl’. Well, those long-since dead Tumblr stories have come to life in screenwriter Emma Thompson’s attempt at holiday romance, which has […]


LGBT+ & pop: “If we don’t kiss each other now, the world will stay the same”

Almost one year ago, a picture of Years & Years album Communion placed in a ‘gay’ section in a music store in Germany rocked Twitter. Although Olly Alexander, the band’s leader, is openly gay and frequently takes inspirations from his personal experiences, this classification surprised him: “Can you really label a style of music ‘gay’?” […]


How artists like George Michael and Prince paved the way for the independent artist

In the last 10 years the music industry has seen a complete reinvention. While previously prevalent record labels were struggling to come up with new ideas, a new generation of artists took over – the ‘DIY’ era. As music became available at the fingertips, new artists saw the online world as an opportunity and took […]