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Global warming causes rapid decline in butterfly populations

Butterflies: the ethereal beauties that enchant as they drift by on a warm summers day. Butterflies: the flapping beasts that charge at your face while you try to enjoy a picnic. Butterflies: which my dad used to call ‘flutterbies’, much to my childhood annoyance. Whatever you may feel about them, it is undeniable that butterflies […]

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Cafe Scientifique at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Last Monday, a science event took place at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The grand west gates were open to the public late into the evening. Inside the Terrace Cafe, the audience were gripped by a talk from leading botanist, Toby Pennington. He heads the Tropical Diversity Section at gardens and has an important message for […]

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Should the British Government still be investing in nuclear energy?

Electricity underpins modern life; powering everything from your lightbulbs, to your laptop to your toothbrush. The UK Government has been committed to securing a low carbon energy supply for years, signing the Kyoto Protocol in 1995, then the Climate Change Act of 2008. It pledged to reduce emissions by at least 80 per cet in […]