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Autumn Films: What are they and what makes them good?

The time has finally come! The leaves are turning from green to yellow to orange to brown. You can hear the crunch of them under your boots and feel the wind on your face; Autumn has arrived. With the change in weather comes the urge to get comfy under a blanket, sip some hot chocolate […]


Gilmore Girls: 22 Years in the Life

It’s not just a show: it’s a comfort blanket.

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Cult Column: Gilmore Girls

With the leaves turning golden brown, the air becoming crisper, and all things pumpkin spiced being sold everywhere, we are well into autumn, and there is no better way to indulge in the season than by watching Gilmore Girls.  Set in the endearing, mythical Connecticut town of Stars Hollow, we follow single mum Lorelai Gilmore […]