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My last night out…

For the majority of my teenage years, a typical night out with my friends from school would include mindless dancing, terribly loud singing, laughing and a mind-numbing amount of alcohol. These factors have always led to everyone having a blast and laughing about it in the morning, envisioning ourselves as something out of Sex and […]

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Fight for the Night march: students share their experiences

Content warning: explicit descriptions of sexual harassment and assault Ask any girl group if they’ve experienced sexual harassment and you’ll be bombarded by a plethora of stories, ranging from anecdotes of catcalling to Trump-style ‘pussy-grabbing.’ I duly posed this question to my group and the result was as predicted. The first story detailed my friend’s […]

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Girls Like That

Girls Like That is a play that will trigger different reactions from the audience, depending who is watching. For young people, it will likely be an all-too-familiar shaking of the heads and feelings of regret as, even if it is not something they have experienced personally, they will recognise it as one of the potential […]