Google maps falsely lists A&E departments in Edinburgh hospitals

According to research by The Student, Google search results for terms related to A&E services are providing inaccurate results in parts of Edinburgh. For example, using the search term “A&E”, from some parts of Edinburgh suggests to users that the Western General Hospital is the nearest hospital to them with an A&E ward. In fact, […]


In Australia vs. Google, independent journalism loses

The Australian government is taking on Google. At least, that is how most British outlets have been covering the tech giant’s opposition of the recent controversial legislation, which would see companies like Google and Facebook negotiating deals with news media companies before they can use their content. If negotiation grew stale, then a government-approved independent […]

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The EU’s rocky relationship with American tech companies

“It’s total political crap.” In an interview with the Irish Independent, Apple CEO Tim Cook did not try to mask his anger. Just two days before, the European Union Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager had announced a €13 billion fine for Apple Inc., declaring that the company had been given an unfair tax deal by […]