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“Well-choreographed and genuinely captivating”: EUTC’s The Importance of Being Earnest review

As one of Oscar Wilde’s most classic comedies, The Importance of Being Earnest is a play that deserves to be done well, and it is safe to say that Edinburgh University Theatre Company’s production exceeds expectations. Without exception, each character handles the flowery script well. With so many opportunities to stumble over a mouthful of […]

Fringe Theatre

‘Sacrifices visual impact’: Edinburgh University Footlights RENT review

RENT is a demanding musical in terms of vocal ability and subject matter, and the Edinburgh University Footlights rise to the challenge with consistently strong vocals that encapsulate the humour and tragedy of the story. The Footlights front-focus their musical prowess by positioning their live band onstage, immersing the audience in the musical world of […]