Culture Literature

Interview with Grace Campbell in light of her debut novel ‘Amazing Disgrace’

If every teenager were to be given a copy of Grace Campbell’s Amazing Disgrace, the world would be a far better place for it. In her debut work, Grace has created a powerfully charged memoir that manages to make her personal experiences highly relatable. Grace strips her life bare and fuels this literary outpouring with […]

Comedy Fringe

‘Enlightening, embarrassing and uplifting’: What Women Want review

Intersectionality, corporate feminism and neoliberalism. If these words confuse you, too, then this is the show for you! This show – recently turned podcast – encourages conversations about the “misconceptions, misadventures and misogyny” in day-to-day life. Amy Annette hosts a panel of comedians to discuss an often provocative theme and shows us the inherently individualistic […]