Combatting post-uni panic

It’s that time of year again; deadlines aplenty thrust at students with seemingly reckless abandon, grad job application deadlines rearing their ugly heads, and graduation looming just around the corner for those in their final year. Ah, graduation: that ominous threshold that marks the boundary between youthful irresponsibility and facing that dreaded question: “Have you […]

Comedy Fringe

PGSD: Post Graduate Stress Disorder

When performers shake a bucket in your direction after a show at the Free Fringe, this is normally so they can go towards making a living for themselves as whatever it is they have come to Edinburgh to do. In the case of PGSD: Post Graduate Stress Disorder, however, it goes not to the performers, but […]


When a degree alone just isn’t enough

When I speak to my peers about their plans after graduation I am generally met with one of two responses. The first, is a reply becoming of a student who attends one of Scotland’s great educational institutions. They take a deep breath and articulate clearly their chosen career path, telling me in well rehearsed detail […]