The Disillusionment of Today’s Graduates

It has been almost three years since Boris Johnson announced the COVID-19 lockdown and all our lives changed drastically. Three years is not only a significant chunk of time but also the average amount of time it takes to get a UK bachelor’s degree. Many students are graduating this year throughout the UK, but are […]


Businesses tackle employment inequality with internships for students with disabilities

Leading disability charity, Leonard Cheshire, has joined forces with top businesses for its Change 100 scheme. This will offer paid internships to students and graduates with disabilities in the Summer of 2019. The award-winning internship scheme provides the opportunity to do three months of paid work experience with top employers such as the BBC, Standard […]

Culture Literature

Hired, Fired, Fled

Hired, Fired, Fled tells the story of Charlie Raymond, a graduate working hard to find the perfect job. As simple as that may seen, for Raymond it proves to be a very trying task. His search takes fifteen years, wherein he tries fourteen different jobs and travels across the world in the process. Along the […]