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Art and Grief

Artworks of the week: Wind Telephone (2010) by Itaru Sasaki and 1800HappyBirthday by Mohammad Gorjestani CW: suicide, police brutality, racism Grief is an emotion that everyone will experience at one point in their life yet people respond to it in various ways. It is one of the most confusing and heart-breaking emotions that humans will […]

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The Student’s top podcasts picks for mental health awareness week

It is 2018 and if you don’t have a NYT best-selling book or a Youtube channel, you’re hosting a podcast. Without the production costs, network dependency, and scripted nature of television or film, podcasts have emerged as an inexpensive and reliable platform to discuss both humorous anecdotes and important issues for a niche audience. However, […]


Tabula Rasa

Based around the music of Arvo Pärt, and how it has become important for those suffering with a terminal illness, Tabula Rasa centres around a woman’s loss of her friend, Peter, who died of cancer. This production is masterfully shaped to create a world of opposites: black and white, living and dying, words and music. […]