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Nick Mulvey (and Sandrayati) at St Luke’s

This gig is quite unlike any other; it is much more than music. Here, both Nick Mulvey and Sandrayati grow the connection between music and environmental angst by creating a peaceful space to reflect, which feels somehow beyond time. SANDRAYATI  Nick Mulvey’s support act was female singer-songwriter Sandrayati, who he met during a climate change […]


Sister Rosetta Tharpe is the queen of rock ‘n’ roll

In celebration of Black History Month, Music Editor Ella Cockerill shares the story of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the black and queer icon to whom rock ‘n’ roll owes it all. In the spring of 1964, British students lined the platform of a disused train station outside of Manchester. The venue was busy due to the […]

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Reformed Whores: Grand Ole C*ntry

Fringe acts can have a miraculous ability to make their audiences feel like they are in any number of places. Some may want to be transported to the wild landscapes of Siberia, or the romance of Paris. Others may want to head down to the land of hoedowns, where NASCAR rules and Elvis never died. […]

Live Music

Grandaddy live at Potterow: low-key torchbearers of the guitar music revival?

Guitar music has had a difficult time in the past decade, never quite recovering from the years of landfill indie most of us were subjected to in our teens. So it seems a bit odd that a band, whose heyday came in the early noughties would be able to make it feel relevant once again. […]