Refresher: a second-year’s experience in Freshers’ Week

“Are you a first- or second year?” were the words I heard most often during Freshers’ Week. Any other year, this may have been a strange question – wasn’t Freshers’ Week a first-year experience? It was the rite of passage for new university students. But this year, there were hundreds of second-years descending on the […]

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Gym Harassment: quit looking at my ass

Walking into a gym has never been my favourite experience. There is that smell that must be the universal fragrance of every single gym in the world. A cocktail of perspiration mixed with the rubbery scent of synthetic materials and a splash of dread. The inevitable moistness of the gym equipment leaves you quaking in […]


Doing lots of exercise will not solve all of your problems

Content warning: mention of bulimia, transphobia and ableism  Let’s talk about exercise. It can be a scary topic for us, recovering bulimics with gym addictions. Gyms are highly competitive, intimidating places often romanticised and used as punishment. If going for a run or pumping iron is your thing, good for you, but there is no […]

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Kickstarting your year: five gym classes to give a go

Trying out the University of Edinburgh gym is a great way to start the year. Whether you are a fresher feeling the need to burn off all those free pizzas or you just want to stay fit between your studies, the classes at the gym can be a great way to motivate yourself into exercising […]


The secret to improving your university experience: sport

Each time I went to the gym this summer I was greeted with “No one ever said: ‘wow I really regret that workout’” on the wall of the entrance, which is perhaps a bit too much like something someone’s parents would share on Facebook. However, after initially rolling my eyes every time I saw it […]