This week in public… I was leered at in the street

I was walking to dinner with my parents and we stopped to cross the road at Toll Cross where a man was stood waiting in front of us. He turned around, already wearing a very sour expression on his face, and we made eye contact. Then, he proceeded to look me up and down, taking […]

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Gym Harassment: quit looking at my ass

Walking into a gym has never been my favourite experience. There is that smell that must be the universal fragrance of every single gym in the world. A cocktail of perspiration mixed with the rubbery scent of synthetic materials and a splash of dread. The inevitable moistness of the gym equipment leaves you quaking in […]


Sexual assault on campus is endemic – so why are we ignoring it?

Content warning: Sexual assault, violence, harassment, misogyny. Sexual assault is rife on campus – and we are failing to discuss it. As a student I have watched the short, middle and long-term ramifications of sexual assault unfold, sending shock waves through a person’s life, in the full knowledge that I cannot understand and that any […]