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In Memory of Robbie Coltrane

Moving tributes have been published by everyone from Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson who Coltrane starred alongside in the Harry Potter film adaptations to Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie who, in the 1980s, both shared the screen with Coltrane in two television series: Alfresco and Blackadder. Even the first minister Nicola Sturgeon added to the […]

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Autumn Films: What are they and what makes them good?

The time has finally come! The leaves are turning from green to yellow to orange to brown. You can hear the crunch of them under your boots and feel the wind on your face; Autumn has arrived. With the change in weather comes the urge to get comfy under a blanket, sip some hot chocolate […]

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J.K. Rowling and Transphobia: How to Be Your Own Worst Enemy

The world’s deepest man-made hole, named the Kola Superdeep Borehole, plummets more than 4,230 feet into the earth, reaching well over an impressive 12 kilometres.  Legend has it that if you go right down to the bottom, you will find J.K Rowling still hacking away with a shovel in both hands.  There are many ways […]

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Five Films and TV Shows to Embrace the Edinburgh Experience

Time is flying by and it’s already the second semester. Your parents may be asking whether you’ve tasted any of that fine Scottish whiskey or gone to see Nessie at Loch Lomond, not truly understanding your student budget nor the amount of free time that you have. Alas, fret not. These five films and TV […]


Scotland experiencing rise in tourism thanks to ‘Outlander’

Reports this week in the BBC and elsewhere have highlighted the increasingly ‘booming’ tourism in Scotland, all thanks to the popular Outlander books and TV series. The time-travelling drama, originally written by Diana Gabaldon, set partly in the 18th century has been a huge hit with viewers with a loyal fanbase. Filmed on location in […]


Edinburgh’s Harry Potter tourism deserves less criticism and more credit

It is impossible to avoid the legacy of The Boy Who Lived when you first arrive in Edinburgh. When arriving four months ago, I was somewhat taken aback by the sheer quantity of Harry Potter related events and merchandise in the city. I had first visited Edinburgh at the tender age of 15 and, other […]



A podcast about a grown man reading a series of children’s novels for the first time”. Given that the series in question is, you guessed it, Harry Potter, this concept is mouthwatering to Potterheads. Possibly even a mild intoxicant. Each week, host Mike Schubert gives listeners a breakdown of a few chapters, including a summary […]


Harry Potter themed bar set to arrive in Edinburgh in 2018

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has been connected with Edinburgh since its inception. Victoria Street has often been suggested as the inspiration for Diagon Alley, while JK Rowling is said to have written much of the series in The Elephant House on George IV Bridge. Now, this relationship is going to become even more […]