Students sceptical there will be change in predatory behaviour

Cw: misogyny and sexual assault It’s been a terrific Women’s History Month so far right? Sorry, I meant horrific. Last week we saw Meghan Markle speaking out about her battles with mental health, for a daytime TV presenter to call her a liar about it the very next day. The devastating case of Sarah Everard […]


Problems the pandemic only exacerbated

CW: racism, discrimination, hate crime In a year where we’ve been glued to our screens more than ever before, reports of social injustices appear almost unprecedented. However, racism, discrimination and mental health aren’t new phenomena…far from it in fact. So why do they now appear to be at the forefront of our discussions, social media […]


Gavin Williamson announces measures designed to protect academic freedom

The Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced stringent new measures this week which aim to prevent free speech and academic freedom being infringed upon in higher education institutions. Upon implementation of the regulations, the Office for Students will be able to fine universities for breaching these rules. Williamson expressed concern that universities are no longer […]