Recovering My Motivation in Just One Week: Brainzyme Review

Saying everything sucks won’t make everything suck less, but making small changes to your life will. Here’s how one small change made my life suck a bit less, in just one week. It was November last year; everything felt really hard, reading was tedious, writing was impossible. And the closest I got to recreation was […]

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Curbing Coronavirus Spending

It is no surprise that with increased time at home and little to no activities to fill that time with, I find myself scrolling through a seemingly endless array of online shops. I might not be spending money on meals out or drinks with my friends, but the amount I’m spending online is definitely on […]

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The art of mastering snack time

Studying all day at home or in the library is an incredibly hunger inducing task, so we often reach for a snack to tide us over until the next meal time. However, the usual snacks that the majority of us impulsively choose, are often unhealthy and packed with unnecessary fats, sugars and salts. Thinking a […]

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‘Plastic Free July’ – which brands are leading the way?

This July, people all over the world are taking a plastic free pledge. Plastic Free July is a global movement which encourages people to rethink their daily habits and boycott single-use plastic once and for all. Despite our planet enjoying a brief respite from extreme emissions during lockdown, the use of single-use plastic has surged […]