Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt: they ended things with me…now they’re in a relationship with my friend

I was seeing someone some time ago. It wasn’t exclusive, we both were just taking things as they go, but my feelings were definitely involved and I saw this potentially going somewhere. They ended things with me quite suddenly with not much explanation. Now they’re in an exclusive relationship with one of my friends that […]

Fringe Theatre

Island Town

One hour and ten minute plays are rarely able to reduce entire audiences to tears, and yet Island Town achieves this rare feat wonderfully! Brought to the Fringe by Paines Plough and Theatr Clwyd, Island Town is earth-shatteringly sublime. On a steady diet of cheap cider, best friends Kate, Sam and Pete talk of escaping beyond […]


Always on my Mind: A very brief look at heartbreak on film

Heartbreak is a hard concept to wrestle with on film, mostly because it’s hard enough to wrestle with in real life. Whether you’ve experienced it or not, real and profound heartbreak is something which is oft represented, but seldom understood on celluloid. Often it is from such depths which our greatest, most passionate cinematic expressions […]