Vaccinations for 12 to 15 year-olds – a case of consent and its wider implications

Last week the Health Secretary accepted the decision of the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) to start the vaccination roll-out for people aged 12-15 years old in Scotland. Beginning on Monday, 20th of September, the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine will be offered to young people. Jabs will be given in drop-in clinics and […]

Cult Column Film

Cult Column: Heathers

Cw: suicide. The overly sweetened portrayal of high school during the John Hughes era took a turn with the arrival of the cult classic, Heathers, in 1989, which turned typical teen comedy elements like teen angst into violence, bad boys into school shooters, and date nights into murders. Set in the desolate town of Sherwood, […]


Interview: The Morton Players

The Morton Players return to the Fringe with their adaption of Evan Placey’s Girls Like That, a play looking at the dangers of cyber bullying and how a group of girls ostracise one of their friends after a naked picture of her is shared online. The Student sat down with cast members Briony Randell, Maddy […]

Fringe Theatre

Girls Like That

Girls Like That is a play that will trigger different reactions from the audience, depending who is watching. For young people, it will likely be an all-too-familiar shaking of the heads and feelings of regret as, even if it is not something they have experienced personally, they will recognise it as one of the potential […]