2016 vs 2020: is this really so different?

It’s starting to feel a little like October 2016. The Democratic candidate for President of the United States is polling ahead. Donald Trump, after month upon month of forceful campaigning, is well behind. Nonetheless, as Americans wake up to the realisation that this highly consequential election is just days away, there’s a simmering feeling that […]


Reclaiming derogatory terms: empowering or harmful?

Content Warning: offensive language Slurs, profanity and derogatory terms. Should they have a place in our day to day discourse? Frequently there is an argument that reclaiming terms that were once used to oppress as a means to empower is today a necessity, in both an acknowledgement of history and a demonstration of change. But […]


Monumental victory for net neutrality under FCC ruling

Image: Thom on Unsplash This is an important victory. On February 26, the American Federal Communications Commission voted to classify broadband as a utility, and ‘net neutrality’ was finally realised. American Internet service is now regulated under Title II of the Communication Act – the same legislation that landline phone companies in the United States must […]