Soc in the spotlight: Contemporary Arts Society

The Contemporary Arts Society is a brand new addition to the broad spectrum of creativity-embracing organisations in Edinburgh. The society’s President, Holly, and Vice-President, Frankie spoke with The Student, giving insight into their unique ideas and how they encourage people to join them in creating lasting societal change through art. The society occupies a niche […]

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Day in the life… First year History of Arts student

Rather than waking up at midday with a pounding headache constantly reminding me of the numerous vodka lemonades I drank the night before, instead, I awoke at home to an alarm set for 10 am with a new addiction to Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgeton. After having a shower and getting dressed I went downstairs with SZA’s […]

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Your Favourite Art Sucks – History of Art Society x Feminist Society

Content warning: sexual violence As the first in a three-part series hosted by Feminist Society and History of Art Society, this event explored the presentation of sexual violence against women in art. Professor Jill Burke made an excellent speaker, offering nuanced commentary on the attitudes towards women in the Renaissance and how this affected their […]