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Autumn Recipe: the perfect honey roast carrots

In The Student’s food section we have plenty of perfect main dishes, desserts and whole-flat faves, but it’s time that we dedicate some time to perfecting a fool proof side dish that goes with everything from a Sunday roast to a warm winter salad. This honey roasted carrots recipe is a winner every time and […]


An eclectic return to home cooking

Mid-June I returned from a nine-month (ostensibly educational, truthfully culinary) jaunt in Paris, to home in South London, where my parents had remained throughout the Covid lockdown. Gearing up to move back to Edinburgh for a final year of study, I reflected on my return to familial food rhythms and routines over the last two […]

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Eating out… whilst eating at home

Eating out, whilst being enjoyable and extremely convenient, is a costly affair. The immense variety of restaurant choice that now dominates our high-street, is a constant temptation to fulfil our dietary requirements whilst out and about. However, perhaps the heightened  availability of eating-out options means that we can strive to replicate exciting dining in our […]