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The trend of online minimalism: what works for you

In the span of one decade, smartphones have grown into a multi-trillion pound industry. Following the mainstream appeal of Apple’s first-generation iPhone in 2007, the business has only expanded, feeding into every area of daily life. Unsurprisingly, smartphone use has proliferated massively throughout this past decade, doubling from twelve hours in 2009, to upwards of […]


A look back at the Festival of Creative Learning

The brief lull in a semester populated by early tutorials, lengthy assignments, and waning lecture attendance, has gained a plethora of new nicknames over the years and has now been christened ‘the Festival of Creative Learning’. From administrative appellations like ‘Consolidation Week’ to monikers like ‘Flexible Learning Week,’ this small hiatus is actually far more […]


Intimate relationships policy brings more questions than answers

Only four days after St. Valentine’s Day, an email was sent out to the entirety of The University of Edinburgh’s staff and student body; the headline: ‘New Policy on Disclosure of Intimate Relationships.’ At first glance I thought it was a less-than-subtle dig at those of us lone wolves who had not found a date […]