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An Evening With an Immigrant

For 14 years, Inua Ellams has been searching for a place to belong. Once enjoying an idyllic upbringing in middle-class Nigeria, the Ellams family found themselves victims of extremism, and following their escape to the UK, were then subjected to racism and unjust immigration laws with their lives drastically changed overnight. In An Evening With an Immigrant, Ellams transforms this traumatic tale into a night of evocative storytelling through a blend of beautiful […]


The Student interviews MP Stuart McDonald on supporting international students in a post-Brexit world

Stuart McDonald is MP for the Scottish constituencies of Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, and Kirkintilloch East; the Scottish National Party Spokesperson on Immigration, Asylum and Border Control; and serves on the Home Affairs Select Committee in Parliament. On Wednesday, 16 November, McDonald secured a 90 minute debate on immigration rules for international students, after which he shared […]


Modern day slavery in Britain must be dealt with

Modern day slavery is a scourge on modern day Britain that needs to be stamped out immediately. Immigration is a hot topic at the moment with politicians left, right and centre taking a harsh stance and promising to impose restrictions. However, politicians are largely silent on the issue of slavery, which is unfortunately still a […]